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Glaston installs HPC KAESER compressor resulting in reduced energy costs for Huntapac Produce Ltd.

The Challenge

Huntapac is a major brand in food processing that grows, cleans and washes vegetable produce for a number of large companies in the UK.  Huntapac contacted Glaston as it wanted advice on how to reduce its carbon foot print and reduce its maintenance and energy costs.

Initially, the engineering team from Glaston reviewed Huntapac’s existing compressed air system.  Paul Bretherton from Glaston identified an accumulation of faults causing major restrictions in the system. Paul added “The compressors were an array of makes and models and the filtration was drastically under sized with incorrectly sized pipe work.  The compressor room ambient temperature was well above 21ºC as it had three compressors running constantly in a confined space. The high temperature was causing the compressors to become problematic and the refrigeration dryer was unable to perform to the manufacturer’s specifications.”

The Solution

Glaston’s solution was to change the compressor and replace it with two large variable HPC KAESER compressors.  The reason for this was two-fold – in case of breakdown and to enable efficient service of the machine as the site was running almost 24 hours a day.  Another challenge was the actual size of the compressor room.   Paul Bretherton added “We created a simulation of the room using our computer design software.  The solution was to mount the receiver, dryer and filtration system on a platform above the two CSD compressors. A hot air energy recovery duct system was added which heated the work shop in winter months and expelled hot air in summer months, thus reducing the ambient temperature in summer months.”

The Result

The new highly efficient 55 kW HPC KAESER compressor yields a massive reduction in power costs.  The ambient temperature of the compressor room has vastly reduced and the new condensate system removes all waste condensate thus ensuring the customer is complying with waste water regulations.

In addition Huntapac was able to claim towards the cost of the compressor through the ETL (Energy Technology Product List) allowance scheme. For more information on this scheme click here.

Energy Saving 55 kW HPC KAESER Air Compressor

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