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Compressed air to good juice for syrup manufacturer

A major manufacturer of concentrated syrups is now benefiting from an efficient compressed air system, thanks to Glaston. After an initial HPC rotary screw compressor with built-in dryer was installed to deal with increased production requirements, on-site constraints meant that Glaston needed to revise plans and come up with a more effective solution for the customer.

What the customer needed

Due to a combination of increased production requirements and a desire for more acceptable flow rates within their processes, a major concentrated syrup manufacturer was in the market for a more efficient compressed air system. They turned to Glaston Compressor Services to assist with this urgent query to help provide a more stable and robust compressed air solution for their facilities.

What Glaston did

Initially, the solution that Glaston provided was to fit an HPC SK 40 rotary compressor with a built-in dryer. This was done to help deal with the customer’s increasing production requirements at that point in time. However, production requirements for the customer continued to accelerate, quickly outgrowing the compressed air installation. Therefore, Glaston went back to the drawing board and investigated how best to not just deal with the current increase of production requirements, but to deal with all future increases.

Glaston opted to add a 18.5kW ASK 34T compressor alongside an ASD40 compressor, to support business supply and demand, minimise fluctuations and reduce energy wastage.

When looking at both the growing production requirements and desire for energy efficiency, these HPC air compressors were easily the most applicable. This was due to the specific components used and the output of this particular HPC air compressor. In short, you put less energy in to get more energy out.

Aside from addressing existing weight restrictions, this more compact HPC compressor provides additional efficiency due to free monitoring and less electricity usage.

What happened as a result

As a result of this installation, the customer can now benefit from the maximum amount of compressed air provided by the new compact system. In addition, the customer now enjoys exceptional reliability thanks to these more compact HPC compressors, making this a real ‘peace of mind’ purchase.

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