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HPC piston compression provides a compact solution for HVAC climate control system supplier

Glaston has overseen a successful installation of compact HPC compressors to help improve daily operations for a leading industrial HVAC climate control system supplier. Discover how the reliable performance of these compact and efficient HPC piston compressors has ensured the smoother operation of this customer’s systems.

What the customer wanted

A leading industrial HVAC climate control system supplier needed a reliable air compressor for their complex climate control systems. Because these control systems are often in roof spaces and left unattended for long periods of time, Glaston needed to identify a compressed air solution that was reliable, robust and space-sensitive. Because the demand for compressed air was intermittent, HPC’s piston compressor range was perfectly suited to meet their requirements.

What Glaston did

Renowned for their reliability and build-quality, HPC piston compressors can provide optimal duty cycles between 60% and 70%. The high quality of these portable reciprocating air compressors makes them the best choice for high-fluctuation operations with load peaks, such as those found with HVAC climate control systems.

What happened as a result

Once agreed with the customer, Glaston got to work on installing their brand new compressor with the intention of operating a number of small control valves and shutting control dampers. As a result, the customer now benefits from a much more streamlined process and efficient control of essential components within their industrial HVAC systems.

HPC KAESER’s range of reciprocating air compressors also includes portable and stationary models, as well as oil-lubricated and oil-free options. For customers requiring any specialist OEM turnkey stations or complete modular systems, contact Glaston Compressor Services on 01695 51010 or email

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