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New HPC Kaeser Equipment Installation

Our long standing customer, a specialist manufacturer of metal packaging, has recently relocated from its site in Bootle to a new facility in Aintree, Liverpool.

The new premises will feature the latest HPC Kaeser equipment to provide efficient, cost effective production, whilst some of the older HPC Kaeser compressors will be re-used as back-up units. In addition, new HPC Kaeser CSV vacuum pumps were proposed to provide a total package solution.

As well as supplying new energy efficient air compressors and vacuum pumps, a new pipework system was required. Glaston recommended a Transair pipework system for quick installation, flexibility and its energy efficient properties.

In January 2013, Glaston was awarded the contract to supply two new HPC Kaeser compressors, a fixed speed CSDX165T and a variable speed drive CSDX165TSFC. These compressors were supplied with integral dryers and use the latest premium efficiency IE3 motors. HPC Kaeser compressors are known worldwide as a class leading, low specific energy consumption compressor, which ensures the lowest possible operating cost. (The lower the specific power the better the MPG of the compressor)

The vacuum system included two CSV150 HPC Kaeser units which also utilise the latest IE3 premium efficiency motors. Both units are able to generate 942 m3/hr at 10 mbar(a), and have been used successfully for many years at numerous other sites across the UK.

The new system was designed, installed and completed over a 3 month period from January to March 2013. It has now been operating effectively for several months, with the new equipment functioning to the design specification and specific requirements of the customer. In addition, a long term service agreement has now been signed to ensure that the efficiency and high performance of the new equipment is maintained.

The Project Manager for the new site commented, “Glaston provided a very competitive quote for this work and we were delighted to be able to utilise their services and expertise for the new installation. We have been working with Glaston for over thirty years and have always been more than satisfied with their services. We look forward to the new equipment providing a long and efficient life, and look forward to working with Glaston for the foreseeable future.”

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