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Smooth transition for new peanut butter factory thanks to Transair modular pipe system

When a leading British independent producer of home-grown preserves contacted Glaston to help address a recent upturn in demand for peanut butter, we installed a superior compressed air distribution system to boost their output.

Read on to find out why Transair’s modular piping systems were a cut above the rest for this Manchester-based peanut butter manufacturer!

What the customer wanted

Responsible for producing some of the nation’s favourite jams and spreads, our customer operates in a highly competitive, high turnover marketplace. Their impressive production capabilities rely on a multitude of factors with the most important being the smooth operation of their production machinery on a daily basis. This allows them to achieve ever-increasing demands – something they had been struggling with for peanut butter production.

After experiencing a recent surge in demand for peanut butter, the customer opted to invest heavily in a factory extension to allow for additional production lines to be installed. This led them to Glaston and they approached us to invest in a new compressed air distribution system for their new peanut butter manufacturing plant.

What Glaston did

Compressed air represents one of the largest opportunities for businesses to benefit from immediate energy savings. As 20-50% of energy costs for manufacturing plants come from compressed air, it is important to ensure the right equipment is being utilised in order to enjoy these benefits. If a business uses an efficient compressed air pipe system this can help reduce their compressed air energy bill by up to 30%.

With this in mind, Glaston advised the customer to invest in a modular pipe system from Transair. Unlike systems manufactured from steel or copper that are susceptible to corrosion that affects performance over time, Transair’s aluminium pipe system provides clean air quality with optimum flow rates. These ultra-high efficiency piping systems also feature components that are reusable and interchangeable, allowing immediate and easy layout modifications.

What happened as a result

By installing a Transair aluminium modular pipe system, the customer will continue to make significant savings and they now benefit from increased air system reliability. The new compressed air distribution system will also help to greatly reduce maintenance and downtime costs while extending the productivity and lifecycles of production equipment.

For more information about our Transair aluminium pipe fittings, contact Glaston Compressor Services today on 01695 51010 or email

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