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Using Glaston’s dedicated compressed air systems in a lab analysis environment

Due to Glaston’s 40 years of experience in the sale and service of compressed air systems, they were more than happy to help when they were contacted by a lab analysis company regarding the installation of a dedicated compressed air system to provide clean, dry air to lab and extraction equipment.

Using compressed air systems for a lab analysis environment

How did Glaston respond to this request?

Upon receiving this request, Glaston put their heads together and proposed a small compact SM13 compressor package with dryer, receiver, filtration, and condensate equipment. Glaston advised that the compressor unit was to be placed in a dedicated outside compressor building to ensure maximum productivity.
Glaston advised this as the compressor would be subject to low temperatures in the winter months and would need to have a low-temperature protection system. HPC compressors, like the ones supplied by Glaston, offer low internal temperature start protection options that will enable the compressor to start and operate at a low temperature.

Why choose a HPC compressor for this application?

Glaston chose to go down this route as it was essential that the compressor would be able to withhold the cold temperatures, so this was added to the package for the winter months.

Glaston also saw it as essential to implement a condensate treatment unit, such as an oil-water separator, to make sure the waste condensation produced goes safely to the correct place. If factors such as these are not considered, a large fine can be applied for not disposing of the condensate correctly.

Through the implementation of the compressor, it was ensured that the condensate equipment was also lagged and protected from frost.


What Glaston did

Following their usual process, Glaston installed the compressor and the next step was to install pipework from the compressor to the specific equipment it was supplying. It is important that compressed air pipework is selected to support the flow and demand of the equipment the compressor is supplying. Additionally, it is essential that the correct pipework material is chosen, given the environment, the pipework is to be subjected to on a daily basis.

Installation of a compressed air system for a lab analysis environment

Another important factor is the pressure of the system. If a pipe is chosen that is too thin to handle the pressure of the system, this can cause the pipework to explode, therefore potentially causing injury to the operators in the vicinity. It is crucial that compressed air pipework is always installed by competent persons in order to comply with the compressed air guidelines.

Installation of a compressed air system in outdoor environment

In this case, Glaston chose to use BSP galvanised pipework to connect the associated equipment. A qualified Glaston engineer installed the chosen pipework from the compressor package to the extractor units and to the laboratory equipment. All of the pipework was supported in the correct manner and all of the joints were leak tested.

It is important that pipework should always be leak tested in order to ensure the integrity of the system. Leaks on the pipework on compressed air systems are easily overlooked and can potentially cost the company a significant amount of lost energy. The implementation of pipework supports is critical to prevent the pipework from moving around excessively since excessive movement can cause a pipe to eventually rupture.

Glaston applied all of these robust precautions and made sure they were implemented to ensure maximum performance and productivity from the compressed air system.

Glaston engineer installing air compressor system

Glaston installed the system with a 5-year warranty and maintenance package, meaning the customer will be able to enjoy many years of hassle-free compressed air. Contact Glaston for a quotation on your own effective compressed air system.

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