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The new ASD.4 brochure from Kaeser

As official KAESER Compressor distributors, we are excited to share the release of the ASD series brochure which details their latest and most efficient rotary screw compressors, the ASD.4 range.

What’s new in the ASD.4 KAESER Compressor series?

As leading manufacturers of compressed air systems and components, KAESER’s chief objective is to maximise energy efficiencies for their customers whilst providing optimum output even during partial load usage. Partnering with Siemens for the drive technology, KAESER are known for their innovative but cost-effective products that provide the ultimate in energy efficiency and therefore reduced overall operating costs. And the latest release of ASD.4 doesn’t disappoint, delivering even more compressed air for less energy, with a simple, user-friendly operation and a solution designed for ease of maintenance. This environmentally friendly range will provide you with both cost savings and green credentials. 

Cost savings: With airends controlled and monitored by the SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller, compressed air delivery is matched directly to the actual air demand, which keeps idling to a minimum and saves you money. 

Advanced, maintenance-friendly drive system: The single drive system contains both asynchronous and synchronous motors alongside a frequency converter, reducing losses as compared to a standard asynchronous motor. Not only are heat losses kept to a minimum and therefore bearing temperatures reduced to increase the lifespan of the equipment, but the motor contains cost-effective and readily available materials, making the overall drive system of this KAESER compressor durable and easy to maintain. 

Industry 4.0 compatible: The SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller provides a range of options for communication including integration into the SIGMA AIR MANAGER as well as in-house central control systems. This flexibility of integration facilitates maximum efficiency levels and central control.

Temperature control for ultimate efficiencies: The innovative ETM (electronic thermo management) system is integrated into the cooling system of the ASD.4 KAESER compressor; a sensor-controlled valve that enables the controller to monitor the inlet air and compressor temperature to prevent condensate from forming and ensuring greater energy efficiencies. This also feeds into the heat recovery system so that excess heat can be recovered, channelled and reused elsewhere within your plant for heating water or spaces in a way that suits you and saves you money on heating bills.

Glaston: official KAESER Compressor distributors

As KAESER Compressor distributors, Glaston have direct access to this innovative solution from KAESER Compressors that will up your game in terms of cost-savings, efficiencies and provide you with an integrated, centrally controllable solution to your air compressor challenges. To read in more detail about the design, the IES2 power drive system which meats EN 50598 or the technical specifications including standard, variable speed control or integrated refrigeration dryer options, download the KAESER Compressor brochure here. If you would like to know more about the compressor range and services available from Glaston, take a look at our dedicated page or contact us.

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