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Where to find used air compressors for sale

If you’re looking to update your compressed air system, or you’re ready to invest in compressed air equipment for the very first time, there are various options available to you. A bespoke compressed air system will provide the most effective and efficient service to your business. This can be installed using new models bought outright, hired equipment or used compressors from reputable brands. Find out where you can find quality used air compressors for sale in the UK and how this could benefit your business.

Why choose used compressed air for your business

There are various ways to access compressed air for industrial use and you can choose the option most suitable for your budget and business requirements. Buying used compressed air equipment provides an opportunity to purchase reputable brands at a reasonable price. If you’re looking to invest in your first compressor system and you are unsure about the long-term investment, buying used equipment that has been tried and tested could be a suitable option.

Glaston Compressor Services is based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Over the years, Glaston has built strong relationships with the manufacturers we work closely with. This means we are able to source used compressed air equipment at a great price and can pass on that saving to you. All used air compressors are stored safely and efficiently at our premises and are delivered and installed by our expert team.

Trusted distributor of new and used air compressors

Glaston was recently awarded the Carbon Trust accreditation, which means all our compressor equipment is considered to be energy efficient and sustainable with low carbon emissions. As a compressed air specialist, we are an authorised distributor of HPC KAESER. We have led various projects throughout the North West, installing HPC compressed air systems for various businesses and industry types – using a combination of hired, bought and used equipment.

When buying compressed air equipment for your business, it is important to have trust and authority in the suppliers you choose to work with. Glaston Compressor Services is an authorised distributor of HPC air compressors. We are listed on all official paperwork. Recently we were tested to the lasted ISO:2015 safety standards, and our business also comes with a Carbon Trust stamp of approval.

Where to find used air compressors for sale UK

There are various used air compressors currently for sale at Glaston. Our HPC models include the HPC SK26 compressor and the HPC SK25. Both of these premium quality compressors include Sigma Profile rotors and an innovative cooling system. Our limited supply of used Atlas Copco equipment includes desiccant dryers, variable speed drive compressors and complete compressor stations. This range of equipment is suitable for many business types and industry sectors, from small to large. Buying used air compressors in the UK allows you to experience trusted brands and services at an affordable price.

HPC compressors for sale with authorised distributor

Glaston has been supplying HPC compressors for many years and works closely with the team to understand all its compressors and their features on a detailed level. We believe in the HPC brand and that’s why we take the time to meet with our customers and explain the benefits of HPC KAESER compressed air equipment and controller software, helping each client to fully understand the potential savings they could be making by switching to HPC equipment.

Glaston offers used HPC air compressors for sale that can be delivered and installed by our expert team. If you’d like to find out more about where to find used air compressors for sale, contact Glaston today. We’ll be happy to run through the most suitable options for you and discuss the features and benefits of our equipment.

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