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Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

At Glaston, our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in the design, supply and servicing of compressed air vacuum pumps and blowers.

Our Air Compressor Services

Compressed air is a vital tool in a range of industry sectors, ranging from aerospace and automotive, to power stations, recycling, food and more. Our range of services encompass all industries and applications. As an independent distributor of vacuum pumps and other compressed air equipment, Glaston can provide a ‘total solution’ that is tailored to each of our clients’ individual requirements.

A vacuum pump is a piece of machinery that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume, leaving a partial vacuum, and is an essential tool in air compression systems. A compressed air blower is required in manufacturing facilities that require high airflow at low pressure. A blower will have a pressure relief valve to prevent over pressurisation in the system. This is another essential tool.

Download our Vacuum Pumps and Air Blowers FAQs for more information.

Run time per week

How many hours does it run?


How many hours does it run?


What is the kW of the compressor


How many hours does it run?

How to choose a vacuum pump or compressed air blower

In order to choose a suitable vacuum pump or compressed air blower, we would need to make a thorough examination of your system’s requirements, so we can effectively determine the appropriate size and type to suit your needs. We would consider the following points:

  • Level of vacuum produced
  • Rate of air removal
  • Air supply performance
  • Power and performance specifications

Vacuum pumps and blowers at Glaston

Our range of compressed air system equipment includes the following vacuum pumps and blowers:

  • Rotary screw vacuum pumps from kW up to kW and vacuum up to 99%
  • Oil free rotary vane and side channel vacuum pumps
  • Lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum receivers and in line filters
  • Oil free rotary vane blowers
  • Lobe type oil free blowers

Our air compressor installation and maintenance services are nationwide, offering high performance, energy efficient solutions. Glaston can also provide single source responsibility contracts to many of our clients whereby we manage, operate and maintain the air compressor systems for the entire facility or factory thus offering total reliability, service and cost benefits.

For more information about our range of vacuum pumps and compressed air blowers please contact us. Our team of professional engineers are available to provide competitive quotes and expert advice.

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