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Industrial Air Blowers

Glaston supplies and supports processors and manufacturers within the UK with industrial air blowers. We are a leading UK supplier of Atlas Copco compressed air blowers and provide their full range of innovative oil-free rotary screw, lobe, turbo, claw and centrifugal air blowers.

Our selection of meticulously engineered industrial blowers offer efficient air delivery with the added benefit of minimal operating and maintenance costs. Contact Glaston today to secure the right Atlas Copco compressed air blowers for your requirements.

Why use oil-free industrial air blowers?

Industrial air blowers can be used across industries for a variety of applications including aeration, fermentation, pneumatic conveying, water and wastewater treatment, and the heating or cooling of materials.

Importantly, choosing the right compressed air blower for your application can help to improve the energy efficiency of your business considerably. Any application that requires low-pressure compressed air between 0.3 and 1.5 bar(g) / 4 psig and 22 psig can be made more energy-efficient by using an air blower instead of an air compressor. This is because, for every 1 bar(g) / 14 psig the air is compressed above the actual demand, 7% of the energy used is wasted. Since up to 80% of a blower’s lifecycle cost is attributable to its energy usage, it is worth looking for an energy efficient blower to ensure that the total cost of ownership is as low as possible.

All Atlas Copco industrial air blowers are designed to offer quality air and to limit the downtime of your process, ultimately safeguarding the quality of your end product.

Atlas Copco compressed air blowers for your production process or water treatment plan

Whether you’re considering factors such as initial investment cost, return on investment, or the precise pressure needs of your production process, we can help you to choose the best industrial air blower solution for your site. Our energy-efficient compressed air blower solutions can ensure low operational costs, and our team of experts are able to advise you on the best ways to optimise your compressed air blower installation.

We offer an industrial air blower design and installation service to provide maximum energy savings and cost efficiency, and we can ensure that your system operates reliably for years to come with our comprehensive air blower maintenance service.

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For more information about our wide range of industrial air compressor products, or to find out how we can help to design or optimise your compressed air blower system, contact us today.

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