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What are the benefits of using an air compressor dryer?

One of the most common uses for nitrogen generators is in the food and drink industry, where the nitrogen helps to preserve food within packaging through the provision of a protective atmosphere.

In order for this to be possible, the compressed air that feeds the nitrogen generator must be suitable for producing a pure nitrogen output. The equipment must also be in good working order. One of the ways that businesses ensure that the nitrogen supply they are using is pure, is through regular nitrogen generator maintenance. This means making sure that the equipment is always in excellent condition by maintaining a nitrogen generator service schedule. The other way to avoid problems with air purity and unforeseen nitrogen generator repairs is to use an air compressor dryer. We take a look below at how air compressor dryers can help keep your system working effectively alongside proactive nitrogen generator maintenance.

Air compressor dryers: what they do and how they work

The purpose of an air compressor dryer is to control the moisture of your compressed air by removing water from it. Compressed air will contain water from the atmosphere, which can condense and over time build up into a potentially harmful liquid, potentially contaminating your products or equipment. This moisture can also cause serious damage to the compressor or any downstream equipment such as a nitrogen generator. It can damage valves, pipes, filters and even machinery controls.

The standard types of dryers used with compressed air systems include:

  • Refrigerated Dryers – These work by using one or more heat exchangers to cool down the hot compressed air, condense out the bulk of the water and remove the water through a separator equipped with an automatic drain.
  • Desiccant Dryers – These dryers use a material such as activated alumina to adsorb water from the compressed air.
  • Membrane Dryers – Membrane dryers are very efficient dryers that dehumidify the air by blocking the water molecules’ transit into the system.

Why nitrogen generator maintenance is so important

If a nitrogen generator service schedule is not put in place and maintained, the most likely issues that could arise would be either a drop in purity or a drop in flow rate. Depending on the application, either of these faults could be catastrophic. Take, for example, food packaging where the nitrogen provides a protective atmosphere for the food, greatly enhancing its shelf life. Ideally, this needs to be as close to 100% pure as possible; any deviation would mean atmospheric contamination, which could result in a lot of product spoiling much faster. The impact on the customers – and therefore the business – of not undertaking proper nitrogen generator maintenance is more than a minor inconvenience. Engaging a company such as Glaston to undertake regular and scheduled nitrogen generator services not only negates the worry about issues caused through a lack of maintenance, but should also increase the lifetime of your nitrogen generator, as well as reducing the likelihood of unwanted downtime as a result of unforeseen nitrogen generator repair services.

Nitrogen generator maintenance from Glaston

Glaston have a reputation for their reliable and effective nitrogen generator services. Our customers in industries like food and drink have worked exceptionally hard during the past 8 months of Covid to ensure that we are all fed and watered. An extension of their own busy manufacturing schedules is that similar demands are consequently placed on suppliers; our engineers continued to work throughout the lockdown periods, performing both nitrogen generator maintenance and nitrogen generator repair services to ensure that much needed food was available to meet demand.

Here at Glaston, our dedicated team continue to work regardless of what is going on in the world, and are available 24 hours a day on a 4-hour response window. We are here to keep you going, whether you are looking for a scheduled or one-off nitrogen generator maintenance service, or need an emergency callout for a nitrogen generator repair. Call us now on 01695 510010 to speak to one of our technical advisors.

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