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What do users expect from a compressor system?

When investing in a new compressor system, users expect maximum efficiency and reliability. Simple as it may sound, these requirements are dependent on many other different factors, including energy costs.

When energy costs for a compressed air system are calculated over the lifetime of an air compressor it equates to many times over the initial investment in the compressed air system. This is true not only to large compressed air systems, but also for smaller air compressors.

For this reason it is vital that energy consumption in a compressed air system in used as efficiently as possible, whilst being able to produce the compressed air to the correct volume, at the required quality. The compressed air system should not just be energy efficient, but must also be reliable. End users rely on their compressed air systems, and their air compressor must ensure maximum availability, always being able to produce compressed air.

The last point that is important to an end user, is making sure the compressed air system requires minimal maintenance costs. A genuinely efficient compressed air system should not incur large maintenance costs. If the compressed air system uses high quality components, and a logical design installation that allows for easy access to maintenance points.

Glaston Compressor Services, draws together their 40 years of experience in air compressor supply, design and installation to provide unrivalled expertise to their clients across the whole of the UK.  Glaston is proud to be chosen as the official resellers for HPC Kaeser air compressors in the UK, and has years of experience in supplying, designing and maintaining those famous yellow boxed machines. Glaston knows that the key to a good air compressed system is an intelligent design, good quality hardware, and an effective maintenance schedule. We can provide maintenance packages tailored to each individual client.

For more information about compressed air, nitrogen generation and vacuum blowers, contact Glaston today.

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