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What happens during a compressed air energy audit, and how it could help your business

With the cost of living crisis being a constant in our lives at the moment, most businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs. An energy audit service is an essential tool for any business looking to optimise energy usage and reduce costs, especially in the context of compressed air systems. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through an energy audit service. In this article, we will explain what happens during a compressed air energy audit and how it could benefit your business in ways you haven’t imagined.

What is a compressed air energy audit?

An energy audit, within the context of compressed air, is a comprehensive assessment of your compressed air system’s energy use and efficiency. In short, it can help you to understand how much your compressed air system is costing you.

Compressed air systems are used in many industries for various purposes, such as power tools, pneumatic machinery, and spray painting. These systems often use a large amount of energy, and an energy audit can help businesses identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. 

Let us take you through the potential benefits of an energy audit for your compressed air systems and explain, in more detail, what this audit process may entail.

What are the benefits of a compressed air energy audit?

In short, there are a few main benefits of a compressed air energy audit:

  • Cost savings
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • A greater understanding of the efficiencies of your compressed air system

Let’s delve into these in a bit more detail.

Cost savings

One of the main, and most sought-after, benefits of an energy audit for a compressed air system is cost savings. In most industrial applications, a compressed air system is a significant energy user and so an audit for this usage can have a significant impact on a business’ outgoings.

An energy audit can help you to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for energy savings. With an energy audit for your compressed air system, you will be provided with recommendations on how to better optimise your system, with direction on issues such as fixing leaks, reducing drops in pressure, and where you may need to upgrade equipment. 

All of these optimisation recommendations can help to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills and lower operational costs.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Another significant benefit of an energy audit for a compressed air system is reducing your business’ carbon footprint. Compressed air systems are known to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and optimising your system will go a long way towards reducing these emissions. 

With the energy audit identifying energy-saving opportunities, you can work towards reducing your carbon footprint and helping to contribute towards a more sustainable future. As this factor is at the forefront of most businesses’ goals, actively working towards reducing your carbon footprint can help with your brand reputation and appeal to a more environmentally responsible customer base.

Greater understanding of the efficiencies of your compressed air system

Perhaps one of the most simple, but extremely useful, benefits of an energy audit for your compressed air system is greater understanding. A compressed air energy audit can help to provide you with a greater understanding of the efficiencies, or inefficiencies, of your compressed air system.

They say knowledge is power and having this information at your disposal is key to continual growth, both in terms of financial growth and brand growth.

What will a compressed air energy audit entail?

Here at Glaston, we are experts when it comes to compressed air energy audits and we are committed to helping you ensure your systems are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

To carry out the energy audit, our knowledgeable team starts the process by installing data logging technology and devices around your system to monitor it for approximately seven days. These devices will measure the power consumption, flow, and various other elements of how your system operates. This process occurs without halting your operation, so it can continue as usual.

What do we mean by data logging technology?

We use data logging technology in our compressed air audits to record performance data, such as pressure, flow, and energy usage, over a period of time. We use iiTrax data logging to carry out the checks as the industry standard method and we strive for the best! This tracking helps us to identify trends, patterns, and any potential issues with the system. 

As an example, if our data loggers show that a drop in pressure happens during peak usage time, this insight tells us that the system might not be sized correctly or that there is a leak that requires attention. If a leak goes undetected, it can add up to a significant amount of wasted energy over time, resulting in higher bills and higher overall costs.

How we detect leaks

A key part of our energy audits is our leak detection service. Leaks waste energy, increase operational costs and shorten the lifespan of your compressed air system. Our leak detection service includes the use of ultrasonic leak detection equipment, which operates without interrupting plant production, reaches system areas that are hard to access, and locates all air leaks.

Once any and all leaks are identified, the audit can provide recommendations on how to fix them, such as repairing or replacing damaged components.

Compressed air energy audits from Glaston

Here at Glaston, we offer a wide range of services to keep your air compressor system running consistently and efficiently. With services ranging from air compressor maintenance and spare parts for air compressor systems, we are able to assist with all stages of your air compressor system’s lifespan. 

Our technical experts are on hand to offer advice specific to your needs and to assist you with your compressed air energy audit to save on your compression system’s cost. Get in touch with us for more help and advice. 

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