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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Air Compressor…

If your factory needs an air compressor system, it is likely that you have a budget already defined for its installation. You then have 2 choices in buying an air compressor system: a new air compressor system or a used air compressor system. A used air compressor will save you money, or make your budget stretch further. But a new air compressor system will come with a warranty and peace of mind. Is it worth taking the risk to buy a used system? In this blog we will discuss what precautions and checks should be taken before going for a used compressor system.

Buying a Used Air Compressor

Buying a used air compressor is quite daunting, spending a large amount of money on something that you are not sure about is a huge financial risk. Yes, the price will be considerably cheaper than the current brand new model, but will it end up costing more with repairs, new parts and other maintenance issues? Before you lose hope and decide to spend your money on a lower spec but new air compressor system, consider our guide to buying a used air compressor with confidence:

The Used Air Compressor Guide

A used air compressor can save thousands and work just as efficiently as a new air compressor. So when searching for a used air compressor use this checklist to ensure you make an informed decision:

 Check all the parts of the air compressor are clean, and most importantly, that they are working.
 Check for missing parts.
 Check for sludge build up.
 Run the unit up – does it sound ok, does it run hot?
 Use a power meter to see what energy the unit is pulling, it is high indicating an underlying issue?
 If the air compressor is damaged it may still be worth purchasing, check how much it will cost to repair.
 Is the air compressor still in warranty? This will make repairs much easier.

Should you choose a new or used air compressor system; the decision is one that you will have to ultimately take yourself.

It is a good idea to limit the risks of buying a used air compressor system, whilst still reaping the financial benefits, to consider buying an approved used compressor system from a reputable reseller.

Glaston Compressor Services UK has been designing, installing, and maintaining new and used air compressor systems across the UK for nearly 40 years. Our team of air compressor engineers have years of experience and are available to offer advice on a system that would suit your specific needs. We have a range of HPC Kaeser used air compressors for sale, which can be serviced and maintained by us. Glaston Compressor Services is an authorised distributor of HPC Kaeser Compressors in the UK.

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