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Why generate your own nitrogen?

Why are companies using Nitrogen Generators?

Due to the diversity and cost effectiveness, nitrogen is becoming increasingly popular in a broad spectrum of industry & research laboratories. Nitrogen can be used in a range of applications such as creating inert atmosphere, as a carrier gas, blanketing, purging, packing, filling, and plastic molding. It is also used in tank farms, mobile tankers & containers, agricultural products storages, tyre filling, and related industry processes.

In most applications, the nitrogen pressure required is less than 30 bar. Despite this, high pressure nitrogen cylinders/receivers are commonly used as storage and as a source of nitrogen. These are either large, permanent nitrogen receivers located outdoors and require refilling by large tankers. Or alternatively nitrogen is supplied in bottles and requires careful handling as it is considered hazardous & high risk.

Nitrogen is not often required in its purest liquid form (what industry experts would term 99.99999% pure) and may only be required in a purity of 99.99% or in some cases just 97% purity. The main question to consider is: why pay for a high quality product that is costly to store when you can generate your own in the exact quantities and purity required?

A better, cost effective, solution would be to produce your own nitrogen in house under your control.

How do I produce my own Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is predominantly produced by separating oxygen and nitrogen in air, using the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process. Dry & oil-free compressed air produced in a Compressed Air System enters the PSA Nitrogen Generator and is stored in a Dry Air Receiver. From here it enters the PSA System where the oxygen is adsorbed by the Carbon Molecular Sieves and nitrogen comes out as a product gas. Necessary measurement and control devices are incorporated to make the Nitrogen Generator fully automatic, as well as to ensure that only pure nitrogen goes to your equipment.

What are the benefits of producing your own N2?

  • It is extremely cost effective – the cost of N2 from a generator is just 20% to 40% of that of N2 from cylinder.
  • The volume and purity of the nitrogen generated is controlled entirely by you
  • No more expensive Nitrogen delivery charges

What can Glaston Compressors Supply?

At Glaston, we work closely with our clients to determine the flow, pressure and purity of nitrogen required. We can then supply and install the system you require, from a standalone nitrogen generator to a complete unit incorporating a generator and air compressors along with all the ancillary equipment.

If you haven’t got room for a nitrogen generator set inside your premises then we can also supply them in an outdoor containerised package. At Glaston, we also have the flexibility to offer our clients nitrogen generators on a rental basis; we work to your requirements and tailor bespoke packages to meet your needs. In addition to the design and supply of the equipment, we have a team of fully trained engineers to meet all the future servicing requirements.

For more information about nitrogen generators please speak to our team of expert engineers at Glaston today. We can also help with your vacuum pump requirements and compressed air services.

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