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Why use dental compressors from HPC KAESER?

The dental industry is heavily reliant on compressed air to power dental instruments. Dental practitioners require a constant source of clean, dry and reliable air to meet NHS guidelines and patient safety standards. Oil-free rotary screw dental compressors from HPC KAESER offer the perfect solution. Glaston explains the benefits of purchasing an HPC KAESER dental compressor.

HPC KAESER dental compressors

HPC KAESER provides oil-free compressors for a wide range of dental applications that depend on a reliable supply of hygienic, oil-free and dry compressed air. Dependability is one of the primary objectives of any air compressor and never more so than in dental applications where a system failure could be damaging to a dental practice’s reputation and credibility.

Investing in efficient dental equipment is critical to achieving a high-grade and continuous source of dental compressed air that meets stringent Health and Safety regulations. With that in mind the dental industry has come to rely on HPC KAESER’s superior air compressor products for the ultimate peace of mind.

A dental compressor for every dental application

All too often compressed air is considered a low priority. However in many cases, if a dentistry practitioner’s compressor stops working so do they. Thankfully HPC KAESER dental compressors deliver a reliable, quiet and fully compliant source of clean, dry, oil-free air – making costly downtime a thing of the past.

HPC KAESER has a custom solution for every dental requirement. Retrofit options are available on existing compressed air systems that enable operators to adjust the quality of the compressed air according to requirements. As a well-established official UK distributor of HPC KAESER air compressors, Glaston can supply their complete range of dental compressor products.

Dental air compressors and accessories

As well as a comprehensive line of HPC KAESER dental compressors for sale – including compact, modular and space-saving SX rotary screw compressors – Glaston also supplies a wide range of complementary air preparation products to increase the efficiency of any dental application.

Glaston supplies the following air preparation accessories from HPC KAESER:

“At Glaston we understand the specialised requirements of the dental industry,” said Michael Douglas, Managing Director at Glaston. “Given the need for a constant, dependable and clean source of compressed air HPC KAESER dental compressors offer dental practitioners unbeatable reliability. After all, a break in service for any dentistry professional can be hugely costly.

“No other dental compressor comes close to the performance and efficiency of a dental air compressor from HPC KAESER which is why we only supply their superior dental compressors and accessories. Our comprehensive on-site stock holding of products means we can supply first-class HPC KAESER dental compressors quickly, conveniently and at a great price”.

For more information about our HPC KAESER air compressor products for the dental industry contact Glaston today on 01695 51010 or email

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