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Industrial Breathing Air Systems

Breathing air systems are essential components for the purification of compressed air within industrial plants. In order to make compressed air breathable, contaminants such as carbon monoxide must be effectively removed from the air supply. By implementing our industrial breathing air systems into your processes, businesses can be ensured an enhanced compressed air supply that is fit for human consumption.

Breathing air systems from HPC KAESER

Industrial plants often require employees to work in environments with ambient air, which is not suitable for long-term exposure. Workplace standards for environmental safety regulate the necessity for industrial plants to ensure their operators have an uncontaminated air supply. As such, industrial breathing air systems become essential equipment for both complying with regulations and ensuring a safe working environment for staff.

For a complete purification system, Glaston offers breathing air compressors from industry-leaders, HPC KAESER. Designed for the removal of all contaminants, the KBS breathing air system eliminates excess moisture, solid particles, oils and vapours, as well as carbon monoxide from ordinary compressed air.

As a complete breathing air purification system, The KBS model is capable of meeting all quality requirements and international standards, including ISO 12021 and DIN 3188. Typical applications of KBS breathing air systems include the petrochemical and construction industries, spray painting and within confined spaces, such as tanks and vats.

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High-spec industrial breathing air systems

The exceptionally high performance of HPC KAESER’s breathing air systems is matched by exceptional features. For instrumentation, the KBS benefits from multiple pressure gauges, including inlet and purge gauges, as well as a colour change moisture indicator. For filtration and monitoring, the KBS boasts coalescing and activated carbon filters, as well as carbon monoxide (CO) catalyst converter. 

A soft on/off switch with two power safety modes and NEMA 4/4X with critical LED indicators make up part of the KBS’s standard controller features. As an optional feature, KBS breathing air systems can include Purge Savers; an advanced control system that automatically matches purge air consumption to air demand to save energy. 

Industrial breathing air systems from HPC KAESER

Six-step purification with KBS breathing air systems

KBS breathing air systems employ a six-step purification process for ensuring breathable air:

  • Stage 1: General purpose coalescing filters remove liquid contaminants and particles 1 micron and larger.  
  • Stage 2: Ultra-high efficiency coalescing type oil removal filter removes all oil aerosols and provides ISO Class 1 solid particle and oil aerosol removal.
  • Stage 3: KAD pressure-swing regenerative desiccant dryers reduce moisture content, ensuring the catalyst bed’s effectiveness. 
  • Stage 4: Catalytic converter lowers CO concentrations by converting CO to CO2.
  • Stage 5: Particulate removal after filter removes contaminants 1 micron and larger from the air stream.
  • Stage 6: Activated carbon filter removes oil vapour and undesirable odours. A final layer of media provides ISO Class 1 solid particle removal.

Breathing air compressors for sale from Glaston

Part of our range of air compressors, industrial and portable breathing air systems from Glaston Compressor Services can be tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. We are able to provide high-quality and high-performance breathing air compressors to any business within the North West of England.

To discuss your breathing air treatment requirements further, speak to an expert at  Glaston today on 01695 510110, email or complete our contact form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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