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Air Compressor Finance Packages

Glaston Compressor Services is proud to offer air compressor finance packages tailored to suit different businesses and organisations – making you the priority. If you’d like to spread the cost on your compressed air equipment, we offer a number of air compressor finance packages to suit your business needs. Read on to discover which solution suits you best.

Our air compressor finance options

Air compressor finance solutions can help you spread the cost of your compressed air equipment. Options include direct funding from your energy savings, whereby all up-front costs are waivered – allowing to to manage your outgoings more effectively. You could also consider a deferred purchase.

This option would allow you to hire your compressed air over a short or long-term period and means that you can be flexible in your compressed air commitments. The final air compressor finance option includes a full audit and management service, giving you a complete solution to suit your long-term needs.

Air compressor finance option 1: Funding

In circumstances where our customer wishes the up-front costs to be funded entirely from the energy savings, we offer an air compressor financing scheme whereby we provide the necessary funding and receive our income as a pre-agreed portion of the savings. With no upfront costs, financing your air compressor has never been easier.

By making regular payments that amount to no more than the money saved using your new energy saving air compressor system, your cash flow will not be affected. Once you have paid the balance, you will really benefit from the savings, being able to convert the savings made into profit.

Air compressor finance option 2: Deferred Purchase Hire

Glaston also offers a deferred purchase hire arrangement over long or short-term periods, providing our customer with an air compressor financing solution that best suits their purchasing requirements. All lease payments are treated as trading expenses making them 100% tax deductible.

Air compressor finance option 3: Audit and Management Review

Energy Savings will fail to provide long-term benefits unless they are audited from time to time. With Glaston, you are provided with all the necessary information (the AirSave Manual) to conduct an audit of your factory or alternatively we will manage the audit for you and produce an energy saving report to ensure future savings.

By considering Glaston’s air compressor finance packages, you will not have to wait for the possibility of making a one-off capital payment and be able to take advantage of your new air compressor system’s energy and cost saving benefits immediately.

To find out how we can assist you with air compressor financing and help reduce your energy bills, call us today on 01695 51010 or contact us to arrange an initial energy survey.

Download our How to Finance Your Air Compressor FAQs for more information.

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