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Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air can often be contaminated with unwanted substances such as dust, vapour, oil, and microorganisms if not initially treated. Without an effective air treatment system, moisture and contaminants can hinder production efficiency, damage your air compressor system, and even increase costs. Our compressed air treatment solutions are intended to produce compressed air to the quality specified by our customers.

Ensure consistent performance of your compressed air system

Compressed air treatment is used to filter and dry the compressed air used by your factory, removing any particles, moisture or traces of oil . This is important for avoiding damage to your compressor equipment and air tools, and even your production equipment, over time.

To ensure the longevity of your air compressor system and avoid expensive breakdown costs or potential end product contamination, the appropriate compressed air treatment equipment is key. The more you protect your equipment, the longer it will be able to run efficiently.

Here at Glaston, we supply and install a wide range of essential air treatment equipment alongside our range of high quality air compressors from Atlas Copco. As part of our air compressor system design and installation service, our expert engineers will be able to recommend the correct air treatment equipment to ensure the optimal performance of your compressed air system for many years to come.

Compressed air treatment solutions across the UK

The removal of contaminants from your air stream can lower operating costs significantly whilst extending the service life of your compressed air system and pneumatic equipment, ensuring that the strictest air purity standards are met. Glaston supplies key compressed air treatment equipment.

  • Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air filters ensure that the air produced through your air compressor system is as clean as you need it to be. We supply filters and accessories from Atlas Copco’s market-leading product portfolio, which can remove particulate down to 0.01 microns, and oil down to 0.01 parts per million.

The appropriate compressed air filtration system can offer vital protection for your compressor system, and all of the compressed air filters we supply are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

  • Compressed Air Dryers

Our air dryer solutions are designed to eliminate moisture from compressed air, in turn preventing corrosion, equipment breakdown, and product damage. Compressed air dryers protect your systems and processes in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner, whilst maintaining the quality of your compressed air.

  • Industrial Breathing Air Systems

Breathing air systems are essential for the purification of compressed air in industrial applications to ensure a safe working environment for staff. In order to make compressed air breathable, unwanted particles and contaminants such as carbon monoxide need to be removed from the air supply. Our industrial breathing air systems are able to deliver an uncontaminated air supply for your operators.

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