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Oil-Lubricated Air Compressors

Designed to provide compressed air to industrial processing sites and manufacturers, oil flooded compressors from Glaston have a reputation for reliability and cost-efficiencies. We work with businesses throughout the north west of England to supply, install, maintain and service only the best in class of oil flooded air compressors.

Oil-lubricated air compressors from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco oil-lubricated aircompressors are ideal for industrial plants and processing facilities where there is a need for reliable, consistent and cost-effective supplies of compressed air. They come in a range of outputs and are available as fixed speed or VSD to suit your specific requirements.

Here at Glaston Compressor Services, our oil flooded air compressors are available in the following configurations:

  • 1.5kW – 8.1kW Automan oil-lubricated piston compressors
  • 2.2kW – 22kW G series Oil-lubricated screw compressor
  • 5kW – 500kW GA (VSD) oil-injected screw compressors series

The Atlas Copco oil-injected screw compressors not only deliver the air flow that meets the needs of your plant reliably and with absolute control, they deliver more air for lower power consumption, are small and quiet, are extremely simple to maintain and have an environmentally responsible design.

Atlas Copco invented the Variable Speed Drive compressor that brought average energy savings of 35%. Over the years the VSD range has become ever more efficient, now including the VSDS range which can provide as much as 60% energy savings.

Key benefits of oil-lubricated air compressors:

  • Reliable, consistent compressed air delivery
  • Cost-effective solutions with the ultimate in compressor efficiencies
  • Options for control over speed and power or increased and sustained output

Contact Glaston Compressor Services for oil-lubricated compressors.

Glaston Compressor Services have many years of experience in the specification, supply and installation of oil-lubricatedcompressors. We will take the time to understand the specific needs of your compressed air usage and the environment in which you’re working, and tailor an oil flooded air compressor system to suit you.

To discuss your oil compressor requirements, speak with one of our technical experts today on 01695 51010, or email or complete our contact form.

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