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Parker Legris

Parker Legris designs, develops and manufactures connection solutions that enhance productivity and profitability. From an industrial vacuum to 16 bar, Parker Legris’ TRANSAIR range offers innovative systems for compressed air, water and neutral gas circuits for industrial buildings, comprised of rapid connection fittings and aluminium or stainless steel pipes.

As Parker Legris suppliers, Glaston can provide their complete TRANSAIR pipework products for compressed air. We believe that TRANSAIR aluminium pipes with push-to-connect fittings and valves are the best choice for your compressed air distribution system. From major industrial facilities to small garages, we have the ideal pipe size for you. Our TRANSAIR pipe products range from 168 mm (6″), to 100mm (4”), 76mm (3”), 63mm (2-1/2”), 40mm (1-1/2”), 25mm (1”) and 16.5mm ( ½”).

TRANSAIR compressed air systems meet the requirements of numerous industries. At Glaston, we would happily recommend their piping products for aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, plastics extrusion, manufacturing, power generation, automotive and garage workshop installations. As Parker Legris UK distributors, we have successfully installed countless pipework installations using TRANSAIR products.

At Glaston, our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers have considerable expertise in the design, supply, and maintenance of Parker Legris TRANSAIR products for compressed air. Glaston offers many products and services suitable for your business, including nitrogen generators and vacuum pumps. For more information about our complete range of Parker Legris products and services, please contact us today or speak to one of our advisers on 01695 51010.

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How many hours does it run?

Parker Legris TRANSAIR features and benefits

  • Suitable Fluids: Compressed air (dry, wet, lubricated), vacuum, inert gases (argon, nitrogen) and other fluids.
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to +60°C.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 13 bar from -20°C to +60°C / 16 bar from -20°C to +45°C.
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to + 80°C.
  • Vacuum Level: 98.7% (13 mbar absolute).
  • Lubricant Compatibility: Compatible with all types of mineral and synthetic compressor oils.
  • Resistant to: Corrosion, aggressive environments, mechanical shocks, thermal variations, UV and compressor oil carry over.
  • Fire Resistance: Components are non-flammable with no propagation of flame.
  • Environment: Materials are 100% recyclable. TRANSAIR pipe, fittings and valves are guaranteed silicone free.

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