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Improving energy efficiencies with Glaston


Lancashire based PVCR, a member of the REHAU Group, contacted Glaston Compressor Services to learn more about installing a new compressed air system. With their strong growth and business development, PVCR is now the largest UPVC recycler in the North West, and the business shows no signs of slowing down.

With sustainability as a core value of the business, PVCR consistently works with technical experts and development teams to minimise waste at every single opportunity, including using every part of the UPVC product to create new PVC window systems through their unique co-extrusion process.

What the customer needed

As a manufacturer, PVCR and REHAU are conscious of the impact their decisions make on their people and the environment. They do this by making their own processes more efficient and creating new opportunities for recycling.

As part of the drive to improve efficiency at PVCR, they are working to install new equipment. This is why they asked Glaston Compressor Services to provide the most energy-efficient compressed air equipment to help drive this new process.

What Glaston did

In order to improve efficiency, Glaston offered a new ASD fixed speed and ASD variable speed compressor. Both of which come with the new Asynchronous Reluctance motors.

Along with the IE3 and IE4 motor efficiences, the ASD variable speed compressor also now achieves IES2 efficiency, which is a measure of not only motor efficiency but the whole drive train. This is an industry-leading solution that ensures that the compressed air system delivers superior performance, even with the lowest energy consumption.

Additionally, to oversee and supervise the system, Glaston supplied the SAM4 compressor controller.

What happened as a result

The SAM4 compressor controller is based on advanced digital information technology, bringing about the developments of Industry 4.0, which interconnects man and machine, equipment, and components. This technological revolution is also about real-time information exchange – data that can be transferred and analysed in real time. It is this capability that provides the decisive competitive advantage!

This technology also opens new value-added potential by ensuring permanent utility and availability of important industrial equipment. The unique adaptive 3-D advanced control continuously analyses the relationship between various parameters (switching and control efficiency), and proactively calculates the optimum combination from a range of many to achieve optimum efficiency.

Not only are the starts and stops taken into consideration, but so too are idling and frequency inverter losses, along with pressure flexibility. The compressed air system’s pressure performance value is optimised, and average pressure is reduced.

Plus, the HPC KAESER range is widely recognised for its low energy consumption compressors.  This ensures not only the lowest possible operating cost, but also a low environmental impact.

All in all, this has led to yet another very happy customer who is working to achieve their goal of being much more energy efficient, whilst having a much smaller impact on the environment.

Here at Glaston, we love to help our customers achieve their goals. As a leading supplier of compressed air systems and nitrogen generators, we have been providing energy efficient solutions to a range of industries for over 30 years. Why not speak to our team to find out more about how we can help you to achieve your goals?

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