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Full maintenance service from Glaston helps commercial compressed air system blossom for commercial growers

After a previous supplier let them down, a large commercial grower brought Glaston in to get their operations back on track and improve the efficiency of their compressed air system. Read on to discover how Glaston’s full maintenance service and schedule provided added reliability for this new customer.

What the customer needed

The customer initially contacted Glaston to inspect their compressed air system which had been
maintained incorrectly. They had been utilising a significant number of various compressor types on-site coupled with point-of-use dryers to prevent water ingress into their expensive pneumatic machinery.

What Glaston did

After our visit, Glaston concluded that the site’s entire selection of compressed air equipment needed to be brought back to a much higher standard. Many of the compressor coolers had become blocked and required cleaning out thoroughly. To achieve good air flow around compressors and maintain energy efficiency it is essential to keep equipment working at optimal levels. Air compressors and dryers that are badly located can quickly become unreliable. Moving compressed air equipment to a more suitable location can instantly improve its reliability. Glaston arranged for one of our compressor engineers to return to the site with all the required parts and gave all compressed air equipment a thorough service. Our engineer worked with the customer to make small but crucial changes to their compressed air system to improve air flow. Following our visit, Glaston set up a full maintenance schedule to ensure the customer’s equipment was kept to the highest possible standards.

What happened as a result

After Glaston implemented a full preventive maintenance schedule the customer soon saw improved reliability in their compressed air equipment. As a result their potting machinery also improved almost immediately. The customer can now continue operations with peace of mind, knowing their compressed air system is now far more reliable and efficient, thanks to Glaston.

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