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Glaston completes work on year-long coalescing filtration project within the UK’s nuclear industry

Glaston Compressor Services has successfully completed work on a year-long project for a leading solutions provider to the UK’s nuclear industry. Together, we have built a bespoke coalescing vacuum filtration system designed to help the customer offer more effective nuclear decommissioning services with an improved efficiency rating of 99%.

What the customer needed

We were first approached by the customer back in the summer of 2018. The initial enquiry was in regards to a vacuum application, specifically a new design for vacuum equipment to assist with nuclear decommissioning. The design in question was to be a standardised and generic model for use within the UK nuclear industry.

What Glaston did

Instead of designing a standard system for the customer, Glaston came up with a much better solution. Rather than designing a full generic vacuum filtration system, we instead supplied a specialised coalescing vacuum filtration setup that was not just unique to the customer but also offered far superior efficiency than standard variations.

Our bespoke coalescing filtration solution was designed to meet the tolerance for removing foreign bodies from the flow, as well as to meet all regulations and tolerance directives specified by the customer’s design team to ensure compliance.

The coalescing filter was manufactured from 304 stainless steel and featured specialised filter elements, constructed with radiation resistant level sensors to show operators when these elements required changing.

To allow safe removal of these filter elements, we had to ensure they would be designed to ensure zero direct contact with the operator. By doing this, we future-proofed any necessary updates with a simplistic operation that would eliminate any potential risk of nuclear contamination.

What happened as a result

For just over a year, Glaston has been working alongside the customer to ensure that our project adhered to the required specifications and ticked the right boxes. As a result, we have now finished work on our specialised coalescing filtration system. The vacuum filter build was implemented successfully by the customer’s own design team, meeting all the required criteria and specifications. Our bespoke set up has a minimum 10-year life span and is able to effectively withstand radiation and help improve nuclear decommissioning operations.

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