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Glaston helps address customers increased air demand with a robust compressed air system

A renowned manufacturer of thermoplastic compounds, and regular Glaston customer, has addressed growing air demand by opting for a brand new compressed air system. The new solution was brought in to build on previously commissioned variable speed machines installed back in 2015.

What the customer needed

When the customer’s air demand first increased back in 2015, Glaston fitted two new 37 kW variable speed machines on their premises. This was done to replace two smaller 7.5 kW variable speed machines to meet their growing air supply needs. However, air demand increased so much in the meantime that both older machines had to be run at the same time. This left them badly exposed, with no backup to call on in emergencies.

Air usage had been expanded by the customer without considering that the current equipment was unable to provide the required supply of compressed air. As a result, these machines were running without any control and no back up.

What Glaston did

The first thing Glaston did to address the issue was to install a temporary hire generator, which would provide back up in the unlikely event of a breakdown. This was done to provide a trustworthy supply of air whilst work began to commission a bespoke compressed air package for the customer.

This consisted of a new fixed speed machine, a base-load compressor and a SAM 4 model SIGMA Air Manager. These combined solutions work in tandem to provide the customer with all the backup they need.

What happened as a result

As a result, the customer now has a much more reliable and secure compressed air system. Their new system is covered by a 5-year warranty, and delivers highly in terms of reliability and efficiency due thanks to the fitted SAM Controller. The new variable speed machine and base-load compressor both provide an opportunity to service and maintain at the customer’s leisure, thus cutting down on energy costs month on month.

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