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Glaston supplied Pipework to new Morrows Bottling Plant

Morrow Brothers Ltd, a brewery container repair and refurbishment specialist has launched a new bottling plant after receiving a £355,000 funding boost The facility based in Buckshaw Village Lancashire, will operate as a contract bottling plant by bottling, labelling, packaging and distributing products for specialty beverage manufacturers.

Morrow Brothers not only have an unparalleled reputation in the UK but also export to all major continents around the world.

Morrow Brothers contacted Glaston Compressor Services to advise them on a speedy and efficient pipework installation for the new bottling plant. Glaston Compressor Services UK is a leading supplier of Compressed Air Systems and Nitrogen Generators. Glaston recommended the Legris Transair System, a lightweight, aluminum and stainless steel tube for up to 100mm diameter, it offers quick installation and is the leading choice for compressed air, vacuum and cooling water systems.

The Legris Transair compressed air pipework has a higher flow performance than galvanised steel at a fraction of the weight. In addition to its professional clean look, ease of use and flexibility, the Transair compressor piping solution never corrodes or degrades leaving your compressed air system free from iron particulate contamination.  In comparison to conventional methods (copper, stainless steel or black iron), the Transair quick connection piping technology is extremely cost efficient.

Terry Corringham, Area Sales Manager comments, “Glaston was extremely pleased to work with Morrow Brothers on this occasion.  We are noticing a shift towards the Transair system due to its ease of use, flexibility and speed of installation.”

Gerard Crompton, Managing Director of Morrow Brothers added “Glaston did a really good job. The speed with which they installed the pipework was excellent. As a family business and SME looking to grow in the region, the new plant at Buckshaw Village is an extremely important step for us.”

Please contact us here for more information on the Legris Transair system.

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