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HPC Compressors

HPC Compressors is a worldwide market leader in the manufacture of versatile, reliable and efficient air compressors. Their outstanding reputation has been achieved and maintained through the quality and high performance of their products. They also have a skilled and dedicated team of authorised distributors across the globe. Glaston Compressor Services is proud of our status as an authorised UK distributor of HPC Compressors.

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HPC Compressors offer complete solutions for compressed air systems, using equipment specifically designed to compliment the air compressor. An energy efficient and environmentally safe compressed air system would generally include the following elements:

  • HPC Compressors
  • Management Control Systems
  • Compressed Air Filters
  • Compressed Air Dryers
  • Receivers, Condensate Drains and Oil/Water Separators.

These components are installed, commissioned and maintained by our team of highly trained engineers, in accordance with industry regulations. Using a combination of refrigerant or desiccant dryers and external filters remove potentially harmful contaminants such as water, oil and dirt. This provides air to ISO quality standards.

The most frequently used air compressor system is the HPC Mobilair Portable Screw Compressor which is a powerful mobile machine. These systems are used as road breakers, sand blasters and power moles. Specifically designed for this purpose, the unit adds organically degradable oil and thawing medium to the compressed air. This reduces wear on pneumatic tools, increases longevity and guarantees consistent operation.

As an authorised UK distributor of HPC Compressors, Glaston provides unrivalled installation and maintenance services across the UK. For more information on our range of HPC Compressors and our air compressor services please contact us.

HPC Compressors