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Improving efficiencies in a Liverpool Dairy with Glaston Compressor Services

Glaston received an enquiry from a Liverpool-based dairy for a reliable compressed air system, following a number of breakdowns and issues with the reliability of their existing system. Responsible for producing milk for most Liverpool postcodes, the dairy is a busy environment, working tirelessly to meet customer demands. Read on to find out how Glaston provided a much-needed solution to their reliability issues.

What the customer needed

The customer had a number of issues with their existing compressor reliability. They were experiencing a number of breakdowns; which lead to endless repair costs. The specialist team at Glaston noted that this customer had no Condensate Management Unit in place, and this was exposing them to potential problems, and fines, from the relevant environmental agencies.

Improving efficiency for a Dairy with Glaston Compressor Services.

The previous compressor service provider had advised this customer to purchase an 18kW compressor system to run their factory. However, the expert team at Glaston quickly observed that this recommendation did not appear to be correct.

What Glaston did

We fitted a logging system and monitored the equipment at the peak production demands. This allowed our team to quickly determine that a larger compressor was needed to meet the demands of the Dairy.

The Glaston team ran simulation software to determine the exact, and most energy-efficient, compressor system to produce the air needed. The other factor we had to consider was the very small compressor housing.

Effective compressor room planning for heat and noise reduction.

In this application, the room was so small that we had to be incredibly careful to ensure that all exhausted heat was ejected in the correct areas. This would prevent the compressor from overheating, and causing further issues. For example, if the heat exhausted by a compressor blows over a compressor air dryer; this will result in the dryer becoming highly inefficient and unreliable in hot weather.

Through the use of design software, we were able to produce a scale plan of the compressor house, to ensure that the compressors and associated equipment fit perfect into the room; eliminating the potential impact of overheating.

Access and logistics play a key role in the planning stage of a compressor installation. If they are overlooked; the whole installation process can quickly become a nightmare! Noise is also a big factor that must be considered when planning a compressor installation. If the compressor housing is located close to a residential location, local residents do have the right to complain if they are too loud. Glaston Compressor Services considered the impacts of both access and logistics, alongside the impact of noise pollution on the local residents, to ensure a seamless installation.

What happened as a result

The Glaston team opted for a compact design ASK compressor. The ASK compressor system is available from 15kW to 22kW and is compact enough to be ideal for small compressor rooms, whilst also producing very little heat and noise. This solution was fitted with the very latest IE3 motors and a programmable timer; making it ideal for this application.

Heat and noise reduction with the ASK compressor solutions

Whilst waiting for the new compressor system to arrive, we fit the customer with a quality hire compressor and dryer system to help run the site without interruption. The existing compressor system had started to fail; with one leaking oil, and the other one tripping after short run times, therefore it was important to get a temporary system in place whilst a new solution was being prepared.

With careful planning from our production team, we ensured a small window of downtime; resulting in as little interruption to the production process as possible.

For this Liverpool-based dairy, the planning paid off. The compressor went in smoothly and swiftly, exactly as planned. The compressor system now runs reliability, and efficiently, with a qualified Glaston engineer maintaining the compressors to ensure they have a long and productive life.

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