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Compressed Air Treatment: The Importance of Servicing your Compressor with Genuine Parts

When your business relies on an air compressor system daily, it is expensive when things go wrong. At the end of the day, machine down time is lost income: labour, rates etc. still need to be paid even when your compressor is not working, and production has been interrupted. It is however inevitable that your compressed air system will need maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Using an air compressor on a daily basis, will without a doubt, mean that parts will need replacement at some point. When that time does come, it is highly advised, not only by the manufacturer, but also by general opinion, to use only genuine parts.

Using genuine air compressor maintenance replacement parts can be a more expensive option, well initially it will be; but by using genuine parts, it is likely that in the long run you will reduce your air compressor maintenance costs, as well as machinery down time by avoiding future hiccups or part replacement. It is well known that using non genuine air compressor spare parts instead of the manufacturer’s original parts may affect the performance of the air compressor.

With so much money invested in the initial purchase and installation of an air compressor system, ensuring its longevity is essential in making sure you get the longest service life possible, until you have to replace equipment.

There are 3 basic air compressor replacement parts that need to be checked and maintained during air compressor maintenance: These are Air Inlet Filter, Oil Filter and Lubricants. All 3 of these parts have a direct impact on the performance of your air compressor.


1. Air Inlet Filter:


This is the most crucial spare part in your compressed air treatment. The filter protects the engine and compressor element from wear under dust conditions.  By using a non-genuine air inlet filter, it is likely that you are significantly reducing the life of your air compressor.


2. Oil Filter:


The oil filter removes all the impurities from the oil. Air compressor oil generally contains a lot of dust and contaminants, so using an oil filter that is not functioning well can damage the motor or affect performance. By using a genuine oil filter you are ensuring your air compressor has the best chance at an extended lifespan with effective compressed air treatment.


3. Lubricants:


Using genuine lubricants during compressed air treatment, extends the lifespan on your air compressor, reduces maintenance costs by keeps it running smoothly.

Glaston Compressor Services has been designing, installing and maintaining air compressor systems across the UK for nearly 40 years. Glaston, through their track record of many satisfied clients, has managed to secure their role as the UK’s market leader in air compressor services. Their highly skilled professional air compressor engineers have experience in compressed air treatment, air compressor maintenance and other air compressor services. Glaston is an official UK supplier of HPC KAESER Air Compressors.  KAESER Air Compressors is the world’s leader in air compressor systems, with their famous yellow boxes seen in every country in the world.

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