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Compressed Air Systems

Air compressor engineers from Glaston Compressor Services

Extend your air compressor’s lifetime with our air compressor service plan

Capital expenditure on equipment such as air compressors is rarely undertaken lightly; a company that purchases a brand-new air compressor is doing so based on a business case that demonstrates the need and the likely return on the investment in offsetting the cost.

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Small but Mighty! What are the different industrial applications of a portable air compressor

An air compressor is used to convert power from an electric, diesel or petrol motor into potential energy that is stored as pressurized air in a cylinder. The air can then be released in a controlled manner to power equipment. The ability to power tools via a diesel engine enables portable air compressors to be […]

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air compressor finance

Protect your cash flow by hiring an air compressor from Glaston

Air compressors are critical pieces of equipment within many manufacturing and processing environments. The initial outlay of purchasing an air compressor can be seen as prohibitive, in spite of the gains from having efficient, properly maintained equipment that uses the latest technology best matched to the business needs. We pride ourselves on delivering only top-quality […]

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Fixed speed vs variable speed compressor

If you need an air compressor that offers reliable performance when dealing with varying air demands, a variable speed compressor (VSD) might be the way. The alternative is the more traditional fixed-speed compressor. However, you must make an informed decision before choosing your compressor unit as a VSD compressor might not be the best option […]

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The importance of servicing an air compressor with genuine replacement parts

When your business relies on an air compressor system on a daily basis, it is expensive when things go wrong. Whatever industry you work in, machine downtime equates to lost income, a reduction in labour, and rates still need to be paid even when your compressor is not working. Production is then interrupted which can […]

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Preparing your Cooling Water System or Air Compressor for the Christmas break

Often the only time of the year a factory stops production is over the Christmas break, this may be for Christmas Day and Boxing Day or it may be for the whole period from Christmas Day right though until after New Year. Unfortunately this co-incides with some of the coldest weather of the year and […]

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