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Compressed Air

Air cooled compressor ZP 55

Why monitoring compressed air quality is important in industrial application

Compressed air is an effective method of power transfer in control equipment throughout many different types of manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes. At Glaston we provide systems to monitor and ensure the quality of compressed air through our air treatment products and expertise. We provide air compressors for a range of different industries, including (but not limited […]

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two employees in high vis vests stood next to a large industrial air blower

What is an industrial air blower?

Industrial air blowers complete many essential tasks across a range of different industries. Their primary function is to supply large volumes of air, at pressure, to the desired process within a system. Unlike an industrial fan which will move air into the atmosphere, air blowers will push air through a system at positive pressure.  They […]

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SIGMA Air Manager 4.0 from Glaston Compressor Services

How do oil free air compressors work?

When exposing your process to oil, it becomes difficult to keep air clean, which can result in rising costs, especially if you use more and more air. As compressed air is only as good as its purity, more companies are turning to oil free air compressors. So, how do oil free air compressors work? Continue […]

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Air compressor engineers from Glaston Compressor Services

Extend your air compressor’s lifetime with our air compressor service plan

Capital expenditure on equipment such as air compressors is rarely undertaken lightly; a company that purchases a brand-new air compressor is doing so based on a business case that demonstrates the need and the likely return on the investment in offsetting the cost.

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Why is compressed air vital to a number of manufacturing applications?

Compressed air is used widely in manufacturing settings, from providing energy to tools through pneumatic power, through to operating air cylinders within automated applications, as well as being used widely for operations in heavy transportation vehicles.

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Air compressor engineers from Glaston Compressor Services

What are the benefits of using an air compressor dryer?

One of the most common uses for nitrogen generators is in the food and drink industry, where the nitrogen helps to preserve food within packaging through the provision of a protective atmosphere.

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