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F-Gas Certification in the Compressed Air Industry

Glaston Compressors is helping its clients comply with the EU F-Gas Regulations, ensuring that their refrigerated air dryers and process water chillers are properly monitored and maintained by F Gas certified engineers. All of our engineering field services refrigerant team are fully qualified and certified by F-Gas for the Safe Handling of Refrigerants. F-Gas Certification in the Compressed Air Industry

Almost all compressed air treatment systems use refrigerated dryers to remove the moisture from the compressed air. Under the F-Gas Regulations, users have a legal obligation to ensure that refrigerant systems are leak tested on an annual basis and that any repairs, maintenance and recovery of refrigerants is carried out in accordance with the regulations by certified engineers.

Glaston Compressor Services implements all measures in accordance with the best available techniques, to minimise the possibility of refrigerant leaks. Recovered refrigerant, which is not intended for re-use, is treated as hazardous waste and is dealt with according to the appropriate regulations. F-Gas Certification in the Compressed Air Industry

As a contractor we realise that fixing leaks is just treating symptoms. We provide a complete expert service for our customers, advising them on future refrigerant strategies and carrying out a full system analysis to ensure their systems can maintain performance levels. This analysis protects customers against equipment breakdowns, regulatory penalties and rising energy costs. F-Gas Certification in the Compressed Air Industry

It is legal requirement that all compressed air users that have refrigeration systems to only use F-Gas certified engineers for maintenance and repairs – the question you must ask is – is your suppler F-Gas compliant ? Is is a criminal offence punishable by a heavy fine or imprisonment if you do use companies who do not hold the appropriate F Gas certification. F-Gas Certification in the Compressed Air Industry

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