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Getting Brexit ready with Glaston Compressor Services

In June 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a national referendum to determine whether the country should remain part of the European Union. With the majority of the country’s population voting to leave the EU, businesses began to prepare for an array of changes that would come as a result of Brexit in the UK, and started to plan for the potential no deal Brexit that was lingering in everyone’s minds. Four and a half years later, the Brexit transition period is finally over and the new rules are in place – every company has had to adapt, but Glaston Compressor Services was ready and prepared.

Learning from the past

Over the last four years, there have been several dates assigned to Brexit day – however, each day was pushed back and postponed. As a result, companies across the nation repeatedly overstocked their products for fear of stock shortages, and were left disappointed when the deal was extended. Here at Glaston Compressor Services, we were determined that when the transition period finally came to an end – whether or not the result was a no deal Brexit – they would ensure minimal disruption for their clients and customers.

The significance of supply chains

Experts warned that the key to success during the Brexit transition period was supply chain planning and risk evaluation. Glaston Compressor Services took this advice, and planned our inventory well in advance to ensure adequate funds were invested in additional stock to protect customers and clients from the initial repercussions of Brexit.

Glaston Compressor Services’ Managing Director, Michael Douglas, explains how we achieved this success: “We invested by adding an additional £50,000 worth of stock and spare parts to protect our customers from the immediate effects of Brexit and the current border delays and this stock is also helping us protect against COVID related delays as well”.

As a result, our customers have thankfully avoided the harshest consequences of the initial ramifications associated with the end of the Brexit transition, including the border delays that are currently inconveniencing businesses across the nation.

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