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How long do air compressors last?

Air compressor systems are crucial to industrial and commercial operations, so the maintenance of a compressed air system is vital to how well it performs. Proper and regular maintenance of an air compressor ensures that the system can continue to effectively operate at an efficient level. When properly maintained, air compressors can last for many years. So, what is an air compressor’s lifespan? Continue reading Glaston’s helpful guide to find out.

Air compressor lifespan

With proper and regular maintenance, an air compressor can run at peak performance for many years, and reach a total lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. For peak efficiency and reliability, a compressed air system requires regular skilled service and routine maintenance checks to ensure everything is in perfect working condition. Failure to do so will result in an air compressor breakdown.

Failing to properly maintain an air compressor system can poison the entire process, which can then lead to various other problems.

The air compressor’s pressure must be at its highest level to ensure effective functioning. If there’s a contaminated dryer heat exchanger or leaks in the distribution piping, it could cause a pressure drop at the time of operation. Also, the malfunctioning of an air compressor can attract water to the pipelines, so you would need to change the air compressor dryer.

Air compressor service essentials

To perform maintenance on an air compressor, a service has to be done on the system first. There are a number of steps involved in the service of an air compressor, including:

  • You must ensure that the air compressor is switched off before starting the service.
  • The compressor oil must be clean and maintained. The oil has to be changed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, using high-quality oil. Sampling must be carried out every month.
  • Retain cleanliness of air inlet filters.
  • Keep the motor belts tight to prevent leakages in the compressor.

Issues for air compressors

There are a handful of serious issues that can arise in an air compressor system that regular maintenance and proper service can help to prevent. Some of the problems you can come across are:

  • Restricted airflow
  • Restricted oil flow
  • Reduction in the level of oil

If you experience a restricted airflow in your air compressor, it’s a simple fix. Restricted airflow can be fixed by cleaning the cooling exterior and checking the inlet filter mats.

If your system has a restricted oil flow, this issue can be fixed by removing the obstruction or changing the necessary components.

Finally, attending to the reduction of oil is a simple task. You have to check the compressor level regularly and fill it up with oil, if required, to avoid any issues from occurring.

The importance of proper, regular services and maintenance can greatly increase an air compressor’s lifespan. Failure to do so will increase costs for the company due to constant repairs, the need to replace components, and the eventual need to replace the entire air compression system.

High-quality air compressors at Glaston

At Glaston Compressor Services, we design, build and install intelligent air compressors. We also offer comprehensive compressed air services all around the UK. Our air compressors and compressed air systems are effectively controlled to ensure maximum energy savings and complete accountability. We offer expert energy audits to check the performance of your air compressor system, and how you can make major savings.

With Glaston, you can buy air compressor systems suited to any industry sector. Our reliable air compressor systems are designed for round-the-clock operations and deliver consistently high performance across the board.

Air Compressors can be applied to a vast range of industry sectors, including food, chemical, engineering, automotive and more. Whatever industry it is you specialise in, you’ll be able to find the ideal air compressor system for your application with us.

If you’d like to speak to an expert at Glaston about air compressors, contact us today on 01695 51010, and email us at

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