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Keeping staff and customers safe with on-site Covid testing

Here at Glaston Compressor Services, we have made a dedicated commitment to ensuring the safety of all of our staff and customers by implementing rigorous Covid-19 safety measures. This includes the use of PPE by all of the Glaston Compressor Services staff, as well as maintaining safe distancing measures from customers whilst working on-site.

On-site testing at Glaston Compressor Services

To ensure the absolute safety of our valued customers and help keep our colleagues safe, Glaston Compressor Services has introduced Covid-19 lateral flow testing.

This means our entire team is regularly tested for Covid-19 to ensure we remain a Covid-free workplace. We even had the British Army on hand to help us to test every single member of the Glaston Compressor Services team, whilst also training us on how to administer the Covid-19 lateral flow tests ourselves moving forward.

By introducing lateral flow tests, our team can be tested much more regularly and quickly to ensure we remain safe and able to perform our jobs. These tests also ensure that any asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 find out swiftly and can return home to isolate safely, even if they feel well. By doing this, we are upholding our commitment to keeping every single one of our customers safe from transmission.

Providing support to frontline industries

Here at Glaston Compressor Services, we are proud to support important key frontline industries. From power stations to pharmaceutical manufacturers, vaccine manufacturers to food production, packaging to fuel production – we keep them all running safely.

To ensure that we keep all of our staff safe, and can do our bit to keep frontline industry moving, we took things into our own hands and rolled out regular lateral flow tests for all of our staff.

24/7 air compressor and nitrogen generator support

By ensuring all of our staff are safe and healthy, we can continue to provide air compressor installations and breakdown repairs, as well as nitrogen generator installations and repairs.

Here at Glaston Compressor Services, we are on hand to assist with all your air compressor and nitrogen generator needs. Contact the team to learn more about our 4-hour response time as part of the 24/7 service package we provide.

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