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Legris Transair Pipework from Glaston

Any compressed air system must be controlled, regulated and sized to ensure that an adequate volume of air at a pressure and purity necessary to satisfy user requirements, is delivered to the most remote outlet during the period of heaviest anticipated use.

The Legris Transair System from Glaston meets these requirements on all accounts.  A lightweight, aluminum and stainless steel tube for up to 100mm diameter, the Legris Transair system offers quick installation and is the leading choice for compressed air, vacuum and cooling water systems.

The Legris Transair compressed air pipework has a higher flow performance than galvanised steel at a fraction of the weight. Other key benefits include:-

  • The unique design allows for easy modification or extension.
  • It is quicker, easier and cleaner to install than galvanised steel.
  • It is highly resistant to corrosion, aggressive environments and mechanical shocks.
  • It has a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.
  • It has a maximum vacuum level of 98.7% (13 mbar abs).

In addition to its professional clean look, ease of use and flexibility, the Transair compressor piping solution never corrodes or degrades leaving your compressed air system free from iron particulate contamination.  In comparison to conventional methods (copper, stainless steel or black iron, the Transair quick connection piping technology is extremely cost efficient.

Terry Corringham, Area Sales Manager comments “Glaston is proud to be a distributor of Legris Transair.  We are noticing a shift towards the Transair system due to its ease of use and flexibility.  The threaded sleeves design allows the system to be connected to traditional pipes already in place and the end caps make future extensions much easier.”

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