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Protect your cash flow by hiring an air compressor from Glaston

Air compressors are critical pieces of equipment within many manufacturing and processing environments. The initial outlay of purchasing an air compressor can be seen as prohibitive, in spite of the gains from having efficient, properly maintained equipment that uses the latest technology best matched to the business needs. We pride ourselves on delivering only top-quality equipment, but we believe it’s only fair that our services are affordable to every business. This is why we offer both air compressor hire and air compressor finance options. We take a look at how it can be better for your cash flow to hire air compressors rather than opt for a straight purchase.

Air compressors convert power from an electric, diesel or petrol motor into potential energy that is stored as pressurized air in a cylinder. The air is then released in a controlled manner to power equipment. The needs of a business can range from the powering of pneumatic hand-held tools through to equipment used on a large industrial scale, and having the right air compressor for your business can make you more energy-efficient and therefore keep operating costs at a minimum.

Air compressor finance to protect your cash flow

Many businesses, particularly at a time of such uncertainty, are trying to protect cashflow. There can be many reasons for this, including:

  • Existing debts to service – meaning that businesses want to ensure there is always cash in the pot to cover payments month to month.
  • Reinvestment in the business – if a company wants to reinvest in other areas, a large outlay and increased monthly costs may be undesirable.
  • Operating expenses – many businesses are suffering from a drop in work at the moment, but overheads and other operational costs still have to be covered every month.
  • A buffer against future financial challenges – the current Coronavirus situation was not foreseen, and businesses are keen to protect their cash in case of further challenges ahead.

However, in spite of these very valid reasons for not wanting to deplete cash flow, using the latest technology and the right equipment for the job will offer unparalleled energy savings, cost efficiencies and versatility. Using the option of air compressor finance is a way of achieving the benefits of having the right equipment, without having to increase monthly outgoings. If you opt for air compressor finance from Glaston, an energy audit is carried out prior to the installation of a new air compressor, and the payments made will be no more than the money saved through energy reduction, meaning that cash flow will not be affected. Even better, once the cost of the equipment is paid off, those energy savings directly benefit you as cash in the bank.

Reduced maintenance costs

Air compressor maintenance can be costly, particularly on older equipment. Industrial air compressors are designed to run full loads in constant use; the cost of having people and parts available to maintain them can be extensive, not to mention the loss of earnings if the machine is down for long periods or repair. Opting to hire air compressors can be a great alternative for some businesses, particularly where the requirements are not permanent or long term, or where there is not the in-house resource to maintain the equipment if purchased.

No financial outlay

Glaston’s air compressor finance option has no up-front costs associated and is paid for through the energy savings gained from the installation. However, if your use of air compressors is variable over time depending on your workload, or if you want to avoid a financial outlay without committing to a full purchase through air compressor finance, air compressor hire may be the best option for you. Because all our clients are different, we will tailor our air compressor hire package to suit you.

Whatever the needs of your business, we will have an air compressor finance package or air compressor hire option that will suit your needs. We will help you with an energy audit and can advise you on the best solution for you, your bank balance and your operational needs. Get in touch to find out more about how to hire air compressors or our air compressor finance on 01695 51010 or

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