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Rocketing Energy Prices….. It’s time to think Compressed Air Energy Savings.

Let’s make your Air Compressor as efficient as possible and save your business money…it’s time to think Compressed Air Energy Savings.

Saving Energy is a win-win, not only does it yield significant financial rewards, but of course it has a positive effect for the environment. There is no better time than now to review your compressed air costs and consider the solutions to reduce costs.

Here Glaston explores numerous solutions that can help make a difference in the efficiency of your compressed air system.

Consider the Current

The best place to start is by examining the performance of your current compressed air system. One way to do this is to call upon the expertise of a compressed air specialist; they can suggest numerous methods that would help reduce associated energy costs with only a simple walk through of your site.

You could also consider undertaking a full compressed air demand analysis, in order to produce detailed data and information. Results can be used to develop specific energy saving solutions tailored to your businesses air compressed system needs.

Look at Leaks

Unfortunately in some cases as much as 50% of compressed air produced can be wasted due to air leaks.  It is inevitable that air leaks will occur in compressed air systems, so clearly it is a factor that should be addressed when looking at energy and cost savings.

 Looking at the figures:

A compressor that runs 24 hours a day, at a rate of 0.10p per kWhr, with a seemly insignificant leak as small as 2mm in diameter could amount to nearly £1,200 worth of wasted compressed air per year. Consider that there is likely to be more than one leak in each air compressed system.

There are simple ways to overcome this:

  • ·         Introduce a leak detection program in-house.
  • ·         Utilise an ultrasonic leak detector (USLD)

It’s also an idea to contact your compressed air service provider and add leak detection to your scheduled maintenance program.

Michael Douglas, Managing Director of Glaston Compressor Services explains “Looking after your current air compressor system is fundamental in ensuring it achieves your compressed air needs in the most effective way.  Regular maintenance and an effective leak detection program is vital.”

Perfect the Performance

It may be that your air compressor is over producing compressed air at times, due to changing shift patterns and the variations in production. It thus would make significant financial sense to adjust compressor performance to suit actual demand.

The majority of compressed air systems include numerous compressors, which can also vary in size. In such systems a master controller is utilised to coordinate the individual machines. With a master controller, compressed air can be effectively managed to suit actual compressed air demand, and prevent over production and waste. Glaston tailors solutions that have the ability to constantly analyse all operations and execute the best combination of compressors to suit the required compressed air demand.

Handy Heat Helps

Each compressor converts all of its electrical energy into heat. The action of compression charges the air inside the compressor with potential energy. Up to 96% of input energy is available as heat. This heat can be used for a variety of uses, such as warehouse space heating, or drying, pre-heating combustion air, or even for generating hot water. In the cooler climate we have in the UK, re-using heat is a clearly a welcome bonus from compressed air systems.

“The heat produced from your compressed air systems is essentially ‘free’ heat and must be fully utilised to reap the financial rewards.” advises Michael.

Maintenance is Mandatory

Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is crucial. Following the checks and changing the required consumables by a qualified service technician is key. Following your prescribed service schedule will ensure that your compressed air system will keep working to its full capability efficiently for your business.

Glaston’s Top Tip

 “It’s all good and well investing in a fantastic compressed air system, but if it’s not maintained correctly it will not operate to its optimum. Prevention is always better than cure.”Michael remarks.

Contact Glaston today to see how we can help ensure your compressed air system is operating to its full potential. We can slo help you to choose the most suitable nitrogen generation equipment and vacuum blowers for your business.  

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