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The Benefits of Nitrogen Generation for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Nitrogen gas is the sister function of compressed air. Nitrogen gas is needed by most industries for a diverse number of uses. Generating nitrogen gas onsite is another way for businesses to make cost savings as well as other efficiencies. Moving from delivered liquid nitrogen brings your business many benefits.

Before deciding on any company investment there are a few questions you will likely ask yourself.

  • Will a new nitrogen installation make a safer working environment for employees?
  • Would a new nitrogen generator installation make us more eco-friendly?
  • Will the energy savings made allow me to have a quick return on the investment made?
  • Will producing nitrogen onsite make long-term savings?

When the answer to all these questions is YES, it is difficult to understand why every manufacturer does not invest in a nitrogen generator in their plant. But in recent times more and more manufacturers who rely on nitrogen gas are taking the leap forward to producing their own nitrogen on site leaving behind the antiquated method of receiving delivered liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen generation equipment is expected to pay for itself within 5 years. Considering plant space costs considerable amounts of money, not needing to store liquid nitrogen onsite is also an added bonus. And of course with savings as large as 40 to 80% based on current liquid nitrogen prices making the leap is becoming more of a no brainer.

Medical and Pharmaceutical uses for Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen gas is essential in the pharmaceutical industry, from packaging to fire suppression in an obviously volatile environment. Nitrogen gas is used to keep products dry and sterile to improve their durability. Nitrogen gas is also used to reduce the amount of oxygen in situations where combustion is a serious concern. Previous nitrogen generators did not give a sufficient purity required for pharmaceutical use.  However with the latest technological advancements in nitrogen generation, nitrogen generation is producing purities equal to liquid nitrogen. This is good news for the pharmaceutical manufacturers reducing their production costs without compromising on quality or efficiency. Nitrogen generators are safer and easier to handle than high pressure cylinders.

It is interesting to note that nitrogen is only turned into liquid form for safe transport. It actually takes a considerable amount of energy to convert it from gas to liquid and then back to gas form for use.  Therefore producing nitrogen gas onsite is not only a cost saving win but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Glaston Compressor Services Ltd has expertise in the design, supply and maintenance of nitrogen generators across the whole of the UK. Glaston’s team of highly qualified service engineers provides services not just for nitrogen generators but also for air compressors and compressed air filters. Glaston Compressor Services supplies, installs and maintains a range of industry leading brands. Glaston is an authorised distributor of the world renowned HPC KAESER Compressors. Glaston has built up a strong loyal customer base due to its ongoing dedication to quality and customer service.

For more information about the savings you could make with a nitrogen generator speak to a member of the Glaston team – visit for more information. We can also help you find suitable air compressor equipment for your business.

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