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Uses for Air Compressors

In this post we give you a quick run down of the more common uses for air compressors as well as some of the not so common uses for air compressors. We won’t go into great detail about the various, specific types of air compressors, but instead list the more common uses for various types of areas – including medical and home uses for air compressors.

Industrial Air Compressors

The main home of compressed air is in industry where as much as 20% of electricity is used to power air compressors. It is a safe, economical and effective way of transferring power that is yet to be bettered.

In industry air is used to control pneumatics, operate powered tools, operate production lines, used as part of paint spraying processes, used in conveying processes, you name it, in industry almost all processes require compressed air which is why it is refereed to as the 4th utility (the other three being gas, water and electricity).

It is often commonplace to find large air users that don’t even own their own compressors, they just simply buy the compressed air as it is required, something we at Glaston Compressors specialise in.

Medical Air Compressors

Air compressors for use within the medical sector are also fairly common throughout the world. They’re used to draw air in from the room and push it into a tube to help patients breathe. That said, it’s really a complex piece of equipment that’s tested and studied because it plays such an important role, forming life support machines and equipment. There are typically two types of medical air compressors used:

• Large units that plug into an electrical outlet.

• Smaller, portable medical air compressors that are generally run with some type of battery.

Home Air Compressors

Home air compressors uses are most common in your garage at your home and will most likely not be as advanced or large as medical or industrial air compressors. That of course doesn’t mean they’re not helpful to have around. Uses such as filling up tires on your bike or car, to blowing dust from something to powering various air power tools, the possibilities are in fact endless for use at home but in a smaller more compact form. That however is a vital part of what makes them such an important part of any serious home owner’s collection of tools.

Many Uses for Air Compressors

As outlined above there’s a wide array of uses for air compressors, this is just a brief outline of the most common areas air compressors can be found. I would encourage you to continue reading this blog if your interested about the different types of air compressors available and what they do.

For more information and products please phone Glaston Compressor Services on (0)1695 51010 to find out more about air compressors, nitrogen generators and vacuum blowers.

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