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What is the Working Principle of a Nitrogen Generator?

While the big news recently has been about the shortage of CO2 in the UK, many manufacturers have been quietly going about their business using reliable and cost-effective nitrogen generation. Nitrogen is used across a wide range of industrial applications, from laser cutting to packaging perishables. It’s become such a mainstay of industry that a robust, well-documented nitrogen maintenance programme is essential to maintain productivity.

What is a nitrogen generator?

Nitrogen generators provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective method of nitrogen generation. There are two main types of nitrogen generators that we offer here at Glaston. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators produce 99% to 99.995% pure nitrogen, while membrane nitrogen generators produce 90% to 99.0% pure nitrogen. Membrane generators need less maintenance but use more energy than PSA generators.

How does a nitrogen generator work?

PSA nitrogen generators separate the oxygen and nitrogen in compressed air using beds of carbon molecular sieves that adsorb and exhaust the oxygen to leave only high-purity nitrogen. Membrane nitrogen generators rely on a polymer membrane to selectively exhaust the faster permeating oxygen molecules. Generating your own nitrogen using either method can be 50% more cost-effective than buying vendor-supplied liquid.

Which type of nitrogen generator do I need?

Ultimately, your choice of nitrogen generator comes down to the purity of nitrogen generation that you need. If purity is a priority, a PSA nitrogen generator should be your first port of call. However, if purity is less of an issue, then there are cost-savings to made by opting for a membrane generator. Our experts here at Glaston can help you to choose the right nitrogen generator for your application requirements.

Why is it important to maintain a nitrogen generator?

Nitrogen is used extensively within the food and beverage industry for sealing packaging used to preserve perishable goods. The best way to meet stringent food hygiene regulations, and prove that your nitrogen is fit for purpose, is to instigate a thorough and well-documented nitrogen maintenance programme. Nitrogen maintenance should occur every six months and Glaston can tailor a maintenance contract to suit your needs.

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“At Glaston, we provide single source responsibility contracts to many of our clients,” says Michael Douglas, Managing Director at Glaston. “That means that we effectively manage, operate and maintain the air compressor systems for the entire facility. The benefit of nitrogen maintenance from Glaston is a guaranteed return on investment, as our customers enjoy unrivalled levels of reliability, service and cost savings.”

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