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Why preventative maintenance is better than costly cure

Prevention is better than cure, as the old saying goes, which sums up the theory behind preventative maintenance. When it comes to air compressors, adopting a proactive maintenance regime can certainly save you a lot of heartache and expense in the long run. Here, Glaston reveals how to get the most out of your planned preventative maintenance.

Compressed air is the unsung hero of countless industrial applications. Whether it be powering equipment or conveying products, compressed air plays a crucial in many plants across the country. Which is why when a problem occurs it can have dire consequences for both productivity and profitability.

But a little regular preventative maintenance is all it takes to minimise the risk of mechanical failures and costly enforced downtime. Just as you wouldn’t embark on a long drive without taking a few minutes to check your vehicle’s tyre pressure and oil level, it’s worth making some regular checks to your compressor to ensure it is primed to perform at its peak.

Preventative maintenance tips for air compressors

There are certain tell-tale signals to look out for when conducting a health check of your air compressor. Some of the most common issues you’re likely to encounter are restrictive air or oil flow and reduced oil levels. Taken in isolation or as a whole, these kinds of problems will inevitably hamper the efficiency of your compressed air system. Which you can guarantee is going to be expensive in one way or another.

Every time you use your air compressor it’s a good idea to run through a few simple checks. It’s good practice to check the oil level, belts and drain water. It’s also worth checking for any air or oil leaks and for any strange noises or excessive vibrations. We’d also recommend checking, cleaning and replacing air filters regularly. It also goes without saying that an annual service is essential to keep your compressor running smoothly.

Read our air compressor maintenance checklist for more ideas about how to care for your air compressor.

Planned preventative maintenance from Glaston

What we’ve outlined above are obviously very rudimentary preventative maintenance measures that you can quickly and easily carry out. There is, however, much more you can do beyond these to ensure your air compressor doesn’t just keep running but actually delivers impressive levels of performance. This is where planned preventative maintenance at the hands of expert engineers can make all the difference.

Glaston is one of the largest independent suppliers of compressed air systems in the UK with more than 30 years of industry experience to our name. We offer a range of maintenance and service options, which we can tailor to your individual needs. Our expert engineers can carry out planned preventative maintenance to fit your schedule, which is guaranteed to deliver significant energy savings and efficiency gains for your business.

Speak to one of our sales engineers at Glaston today to find out how our preventative maintenance packages can help your business to achieve even greater success. For more information about our planned preventative maintenance packages, call Glaston today on 01695 51010 or email

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