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Glaston supports coating company to solve pressure drop problem

Glaston Compressor Services received an enquiry from a leading protective coating manufacturer who expressed concerns with their existing compressed air system. The system in their state-of-the-art production facility involved multiple compressors and they presumed they had reached the peak of their compressed air availability. Glaston supported by switching to oversized filters and increased pipe sizes, resulting in major efficiency gains.

What the customer needed

The protective coating company presumed that new compressor services would be required due to efficiency problems and regular machinery drop-outs. Due to a problem with insufficient air pressure and the risk of disruption to their production line, the coating company required a system change on a weekend. Something the team at Glaston was more than happy to help with.

What Glaston did

Here at Glaston, we provide a range of compressed air products and services to improve the efficiency of production plants across the UK. We also have vast experience in bespoke air compressor installation, meeting and often exceeding all our clients’ requirements.

For this protective coating company, the team at Glaston visited their fantastic production facility with open minds to analyse their current compressed air production system. As all of their compressors had been maintained correctly and their air compressor system was well constructed, the protective coating company did not require a completely new compressed air system. They merely required some adjustments to their current system.

Their compressors fed a single large manifold, connecting into their refrigerant dryers and main air receiver. The problem with their current compressed air system lay in the main receiver. As the current filters were only designed for half the flow required, the system prevented air from moving quickly enough to the areas in need, resulting in costly delays to production.

Glaston recommended replacing the small filters that were limiting air capacity with two oversized filters that would increase spare air capacity. We also increased the pipe size, matching the rest of the pipe system surrounding the filters. All in all, this increased the main receiver pipework size, improving capacity levels further still.

What happened as a result

In line with our client’s requirements, the work was carried out on a Saturday afternoon to avoid disruption to production. The installed oversized filter and larger pipe size increased efficiency for the protective coating company, with no drop-outs experienced since.

Not only this, but the compressed air system now runs at a lower pressure, reducing electricity running costs and resulting in constant air pressure.

The installed compressed air filters saved our protective coating company a hefty penny, avoiding spending out on new compressed air services. As specialists in air compressor installation and maintenance, the team at Glaston accurately advises and installs the most efficient air compressor system for you.

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