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How air compressor maintenance can help cut costs

Some air compressors can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in environments where there are round the clock shifts and a constant operational demand. Others may be called into action only when particular jobs are running, sitting idle for periods of time in between. Some air compressors are working on tasks that create contaminants; saws, sanders, paint sprayers, drills – all of which result in particulates that cannot be completely eliminated through extraction. Air compressor servicing and maintenance may seem like an added cost in terms of operator time and downtime whilst it is carried out, but the long-term advantages of regular air compressor services far outweigh the potential risks, and therefore costs, of not doing it. Chances are, if you don’t maintain your air compressor regularly, it will be an air compressor repair service that you have to call for rather than a regular service engineer.

What is air compressor maintenance?

For some equipment, maintenance means repairing or replacing the item once it has a break down or becomes obsolete. Air compressors, however, can present minor issues that can be easily identified and fixed – the need to replace filters, top up lubricant or replace oil – which, if not undertaken at the point that the symptoms occur, will turn into a much bigger (and more expensive) problem to solve. Glaston offers a range of air compressor service packages, and for the preventative maintenance that you carry out in-house, we have put together a handy checklist.

What are the benefits of air compressor services and maintenance schedules?

Avoiding repair costs: operators are best placed to spot minor problems as they arise. If these are overlooked, then it will, at some point, result in a breakdown of the equipment as the faulty item impacts other areas of the air compressor. Worn seals which are not replaced can result in metal-to-metal friction and corrosion. Lubrication in the motor bearings enables the motor to run smoothly; if these are allowed to rust and cease in place, the motor will fail. Rather than having to call out one of our air compressor repair service engineers, simple, regular maintenance checks will keep your air compressor running smoothly and avoid costly repairs.

Prevention of downtime: if a minor fault is ignored or not spotted and the compressor breaks down requiring an air compressor repair service, you are likely to experience downtime. We all know that downtime is costly, both in terms of a stop in production lines and output, and also potentially in poor service and unhappy customers. Here at Glaston, we offer a four-hour air compressor repair service for unforeseen breakdowns, and we also offer an air compressor hire service. However, proper air compressor service and maintenance will help to avoid both the costs and the hassle associated with these scenarios.

Reduced energy consumption: a lack of regular maintenance can lead to clogged air filters, reduced lubrication and poor sealing, all of which can result in the overall system performing below its optimum performance level. Not only does this mean that its output will be reduced, meaning inefficient production rates, but energy costs will likely increase as the system over-exerts in order to compensate for the problem.

Increased air compressor lifetime: air compressors don’t last forever, but with proper maintenance and regular, planned air compressor services at intervals, its life will be extended far beyond that of a compressor which is left to run until the point of failure each time it needs some care. Given the levels of investment required for the equipment intended as the workhorse of your production facility, it makes sense to keep it in tip top condition and avoid the need for air compressor repair services at any point in your compressor’s lifetime.

If you would like more information on how to best look after your air compressor, or would like to speak to Glaston about our air compressor service packages, call one of our team on 01695 51010 or email

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