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Glaston’s Guide to the Perfect Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist

An air compressor is likely to be one of your biggest investments in your business, so keeping it in check couldn’t be more important. Keeping your air compressor running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible is the key to maximising its longevity and its lifetime costs; this can only be achieved with an effective air compressor maintenance schedule.

Effective air compressor maintenance means that you are more likely to discover issues with your air compressor before
performance is affected or the issue becomes a more expensive problem to repair. Missing regular maintenance may initially seem to save money in labour and time, but in the long run systems lag and eventually break down and ultimately cost more to repair than any savings made by infrequent maintenance.  In this blog we are going to make the ultimate preventative maintenance checklist that all air compressor users should follow.


The Ambient or surrounding atmosphere needs to remain as clean as possible to ensure no debris or contaminants can enter the air compressor system. The room needs to be well ventilated to ensure that the air compressor will not overheat.

Cooling Water

If required a good clean supply of water with a regulated temperature and controlled pressure is essential.

Gauges and Controls

All gauges and controls need checking and calibrating regularly. Instruments can be easily affected by moisture and other contaminants, effecting readings.  Checking temperatures and pressures is paramount.

Inlet filter

The inlet filter needs regularly cleaning and checking, an unclean filter increases wear on the components of the compressed air system. The inlet filter also acts as a silencer. Leaking intake causing system contamination can lead to extensive damage to the air compressor system. The filter must be changed at the recommended intervals.


The oil in the compressor is important as it serves three functions, it lubricates the airend, helps clean the compressed air and seals the airend for efficient running. It is imperative to keep a reliable compressor to change the oil and oil filter regularly otherwise at best you will have an inefficient compressor and at worst you will suffer an expensive mechanical failure if the oil goes beyond its working life and breaks down.

Keep it Covered

Keeping the compressor clean is vital to keep it running issue free. Dust is the compressors worst enemy. Cleaning dust with an air gun should be done regularly. When the compressor is not in use, it should be covered.

 Valve Maintenance

In a compressor are many valves which need to be maintained otherwise the compressor performance will deteriorate. In your checklist you must make sure you have a regular schedule of cleaning and checking the valves.

Warranty and Insurance

The safety of a compressor system cannot be ensured if they are not serviced. Compressors come under pressure systems regulations and all insurers will require the compressors to be maintained to keep company insurance valid.

The Environment

There is also an environmental risk of oil leaks if the compressor, condensate and drains are not maintained and if you have a compressor oil leak that goes unnoticed oil will be discharged onto the floor and possibly into an unsuitable drain.

Glaston Compressor Services has been providing compressor services for over 40 years. From designing to installation of a tailored compressed air system, Glaston will provide you with a thorough air compressor maintenance check list to keep your air compressor running to its full potential and prolong its lifetime. Glaston’s team of highly qualified and experience service engineers always strive to provide their clients with the most cost effective solution, considering your compressed air requirements, the energy efficiency ratings. Glaston Compressor Services is proud to be an authorised UK distributor of the renowned yellow boxed HPC KAESER Air Compressors.

Glaston Compressor Services offers many different compressor services other than compressed air maintenance, offering the complete compressed air package, from compressed air filtration to compressed air dryers to compressed air treatment. Glaston also installs nitrogen generators.  Glaston has installed compressor systems in companies across countless different industries, also offering to buy and sell used air compressor systems.

For more information about Glaston’s air compressor services and about creating a suitable air compressor maintenance schedule, or a compressor sales related question visit

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