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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Latest update

We understand the uncertainty this unprecedented time might be causing, however, we remain focused on supporting all of our customers wherever they may be. YES, WE ARE OPEN! Glaston is accepting and processing orders and work – we look after many essential businesses including power stations, vaccine & pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and food packaging manufacturers and […]

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How to improve your processes with a PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

A PSA nitrogen gas generation plant is an easy and straightforward way to create nitrogen gas for a variety of industrial applications. Improve process control and streamline production with onsite nitrogen gas production, eliminating the need to order nitrogen gas cylinders and reducing the risk of costly downtime.

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Why Glaston specialises in energy-efficient compressed air systems

Following a carbon report carried out by The Making Carbon Work (MaCaW) Project, Glaston Compressor Services was recognised as a carbon-neutral company. In this article, Glaston discusses the benefits our customers can receive from choosing energy-efficient compressors from a carbon-neutral air compressor supplier.

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How to cut compressed air energy consumption in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, compressed air is largely used as a safe and versatile power source. Chemical processes rely on the availability of compressed air to power critical applications, which keep plants performing, sometimes 24/7. However, compressed air isn’t a free resource. Generating it can be quite intensive, representing between 5-30% of a site’s total […]

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Why use variable speed compressors from HPC KAESER?

For businesses with fluctuating compressed air demands, a variable speed drive compressor can provide substantial savings on energy costs. As HPC KAESER distributors for the North West of England, Glaston Compressor Services has an extensive stock of KAESER variable speed drive compressors to suit a variety of budgets and process requirements. Here, we examine the […]

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Variable speed compressor vs fixed speed compressor

If you need an air compressor that can offer reliable performance when dealing with varying air demands, a variable speed compressor (VSD) might be the way to go instead of the more traditional fixed-speed compressor. However, you must make an informed decision before choosing your compressor unit as a VSD compressor might not be the […]

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